Uses Bravado’s exclusive sales database and community knowledge to provide answers to challenging sales questions.


VenturusAI tool is a web application that uses GPT-3 technology to generate instant feedback on business ideas. It allows users to create a report about their business idea, view frequently asked questions, and view previously generated reports. Additionally, users can share reports and delete their accounts.

Kreado AI

The tool is an AI-powered video creation platform that allows users to create multilingual videos featuring virtual characters. Users can enter text or keywords and the system will generate an avatar image and create an oral video based on the entered content. It also provides AI-generated marketing copy. The platform is free to use and allows creators to use AI to enhance their video creation.


Read tool is a Read AI-powered app that enables Zoom customers to make their meetings more efficient and effective. It provides automatic meeting summaries, AI-generated video highlights, playback, transcription, and more. It also provides analytics and insights to help users track trends and improve their meetings.

Protocol Pal

Protocol Pal helps users to generate a list of possible reasons and common issues related to a particular problem to troubleshooting. Useful for individuals or teams who need to brainstorm and identify the root causes of an issue. By using the tool, users can efficiently gather insights and perspectives, which can aid in the problem-solving process. This approach can save time and effort by preventing from overlooking possible causes or focusing on incorrect assumptions. help with streamlining the problem-solving process by providing a structured and comprehensive approach to identify and prioritize potential causes and issues.

Video Highlight

Video Highlight is a tool that helps people quickly summarize and take notes from videos. It uses cutting-edge AI technology to extract key points, and provides features such as highlight, timestamps, and screenshots for easy note-taking. It also allows users to export notes directly into Notion or Readwise. Video Highlight is optimized for desktops and helps streamline research processes, while minimizing transcription efforts.

Ad Agency

Ad Agency platform that offers a range of features for creative advertising. It includes a Brainstorm tool powered by AI to generate innovative campaign ideas, helping users unleash their creativity. The platform also provides campaign management functionalities, making it easy to create and organize ads effectively. By using The Adman, users can save time and money, as the service is free and designed to facilitate quick and easy ad creation. The Adman acts as a creative partner, combining creative flair, wit, and sophistication to assist users on their creative journey.

Bard (Google)

Bard is a conversational generative artificial intelligence chatbot developed by Google, based initially on the LaMDA family of large language models and later the PaLM LLM.


G-Prompter is a tool that allows users to create their own AI-driven prompters. It provides a wide range of artistic styles to choose from and allows users to train their prompters with their own examples. Additionally, users can purchase an OpenAI API key to use preformatted queries and support the platform.


Opinly AI tool is an automated and free competitor research tool that helps users to save time and improve their product. It allows users to input a YouTube link of a competitor review, and then it generates a comprehensive report with valuable insights on the competitor’s performance, strengths, and weaknesses.